Discover the versatile Matrix Functional Trainer 

The Matrix Functional Trainer is a machine that takes form, function, and fitness to entirely new levels, representing one of the most versatile strength training machines on the market. It covers upper body movements, lower body movements, core and full body movements, and sport specific movements. It offers over 200 different types of exercises, providing users with more variety and progression to keep users continuously motivated and engaged with their training program. 



Key Features Of the Matrix Functional Trainer

        • 1:4 ratio for low starting resistance and high-speed movements
        • Available with 290lb or 390lb stacks
        • Swivelling accessory station accommodates more training handles and attachments
        • Multi-grip position pull-up handles with unique rock climbing attachment
        • Integrated foldaway step for easy access


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  • 11th Apr

    Matrix Functional Trainer

    Rather than focusing on one part of the body, functional exercise work multiple joints and muscles together. Since this is how the body naturally moves, functional training will improve the body’s ability to perform everyday tasks, assist in injury prevention, improve balance, co-ordination and agility. Beautifully crafted, the functional trainer boasts the unrivaled strength and durability that Matrix equipment offers, it has everything needed to promote and maintain a high level of fitness. Offered with a standard second clear powder coating this machine has a quality finish that will stand up to the rigours of a busy commercial environment. Conveniently placed exercise placards offer an easy-to-read quick reference to proper machine use and targeted muscle groups. The Functional Trainer's multi-grip position, pull-up handles, with a unique rock climbing attachment, offer an exciting and stimulating training experience that will keep you inspired and motivated as you achieve your fitness goals. There is also a handy accessory station with swiveling action that can take additional training handles and attachments. An integrated foldaway step offers easy access, making this the perfect machine for beginners and seasoned athletes alike.
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