Matrix is among the world’s premier – and fastest-growing – commercial fitness brands. While our rise has been quick, it has not been accidental. Our culture piques innovative thinking, applauds fresh ideas and values creative problem solving. As a result, in just 10 years, we’ve not only set the design standard for which others now strive, but we’ve breathed new life into an industry where customers were offered the same tired products, year after year, by meeting your needs like no one else can.

Leading clubs around the world are choosing to partner with us because Matrix delivers. We show our strength through top-notch quality:our belts last longer, our motors run smoother, and we deliver total cost of ownership that’s among the lowest in the industry. Smart is about interfaces that are more intuitive to use; low weight stacks that don’t block sight lines; and incredible attention to detail on every product touch point. Beautiful? That’s a story in itself.

It began when we pioneered the use of oversized, tubular construction in strength equipment. From there, we redefined industry standards not only in industrial design, but also through a series of industry firsts. We gave facilities the power of choice with the Versa series, and we took care of the details with the beautiful Ultra series. Now, with the addition of the Magnum and Varsity strength lines, Matrix delivers a truly comprehensive strength offering that will help your customers on every phase of their fitness progression.